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Let go and let God

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As we approach Easter tomorrow, I am recognizing the hurt around us in this world in a significant way. People are so hurt, lost, and confused as to how to deal with the hurts of everyday life. Jesus died on the cross so we could have Eternal life. The ultimate LOVE he has for us, cannot be explained in words. He is waiting for us to Let go and Let God, and to trust in his love for us.


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Thank You Lord

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The last few days have been mentally draining for me as I allowed fear and anxiety to consume me. I was carrying burden’s and stress, which led to thoughts and lies that consumed my mind. The devil has no power unless we give him the power. I was so blessed yesterday when God opened my eyes and gave me the strength to keep my eyes fixed on him. I realized how much the Lord has done for me and how unworthy I am. In tears I asked God to forgive me and I recognized how close he actually is to me. He truly is our Father, and loves us all so much.

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Stepping out in Faith


Since the day God touched my heart in a profound way, I can say I am certain that he is with me. I know he is around me every step I take and every time I fall, he is there to pick me up. There is going to be day’s when we can’t understand why God allowed certain things to take place in our lives. Believe me when I say, that Faith can pull you through those tough times. Have faith that God know’s what is best even though we can not see the whole picture all the time.  God can turn a mess into a message, and when we step out in our lives he is with us every step of the way.