March For Life in Ottawa 2013


I had the honor of attending the March for Life in Ottawa just last week.  What a blessing to have seen 25,000 people there in support of life. As I stood on the steps of the Parliment building and looked into the crowd, I had a lump in my throat and tears of joy in my eyes, to see such support here in Canada.  This experience will always remain in my heart, and encourage me to keep fighting the good fight for life.  I can’t change the fact I lost my first child to abortion, but hopefully my story can prevent others from making the mistakes I made.  This is why I am Silent No More.

5 thoughts on “March For Life in Ottawa 2013

  1. This puts a lump in my throat too… what an experience to see all that support. Can’t wait to hear more about it Shawna.

  2. I was at Ottawa too and tears come to me as I look at the picture of our Silent No More people, especially our Sask gals…you have blessed us so much with your courage! THANKS!!!!

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