He is waiting

James 4:8 “Draw near to God and he will draw near to you.”

The first part of this scripture shows us how much God truly loves us. The minute we call out to him, he is at our side. Eagerly waiting for us to call unto him, patiently he waits. Time and time again he shows me how much he loves me. Everyday I pray and ask God to help me get through my day, and with that my day has meaning. I see things in a whole new way even when the day doesn’t go the way I hoped it would, I have faith that God is with me. Knowing he is with me gives me strength to try and be a good example even when times are tough. We all slip and fall, but let’s ask God to be near us to pick us up again.

Dear Jesus,

I Thank you for today and all that you do in our lives. I pray that all people would recognize how much you love them. You patiently wait at the door and knock, hoping they answer. I pray they answer and draw close to you, where they will be loved.    Amen.


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