Search your heart

Psalm 139:1 ” O Lord, thou hast searched me and knows me!”

The lord knows us even better than we know ourselves, we can not keep anything from him. There are times though that are hurts run so deep that we do not even realize that they are hidden in our hearts. We need to pray and ask Jesus to heal our hearts and help us to forgive those who have hurt us. Personally, I had thought I had forgiven someone who hurt me but just recently realized the pain was still there. Hidden pain that up until now first made itself visible to me. How did I deal with this? I asked Jesus to heal my heart of unforgiveness and then through prayer I released this and asked God to bless those who hurt me. This is a process I will continue to do now until I know that the unforgiveness is gone. I was surprised that I was still hanging on to these feelings but I am also greatful that the Holy Spirit revealed it to me so I could forgive and free myself from that bitterness.

Dear Jesus,

I thank you for loving us and for helping us to grow closer to you. I pray for all who have unforgiveness that they can be healed and released from this pain. Heal our broken hearts. Amen.


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