Archive | June 2018

In His Time


Ecclesiastes 3:11 “He has made everything beautiful in its time”

As I reflected on the picture above it came to my mind how Jesus works in our lives. We all have been hurt and we tend to carry that pain that can effect us spiritually. We are like the hardened bud that needs time to ripen, mature and grow. Inside the bud a beautiful flower is waiting to bloom and radiate its beauty. Only such a process can happen in our lives if we give Jesus the pieces.

If we surrender our pain bit by bit into his hands he truly will turn that pain into something beautiful. It takes patience and trust for us to truly ripen. Are you willing to allow him into your pain? Are you willing to be real and honest for growth and change?

Dear Jesus,

I pray for healing for all who are suffering. That they would have trust and allow room for you in their hearts. In your time they will open and bloom. Amen.