My Book : From Darkness Into Light: Finding My Way To the Father’s Merciful Love



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Shawna Arnold, a native of Saskatchewan, has just written a powerful short testimonial to Healing Mercy of God. From Darkness into Light recounts Shawna’s personal journey from a troubled and abusive childhood, through rebellious teenage years (which included drug abuse and jail time) and abortion — all of which was a downward spiral into more and more pain and despair. Although it deals with very painful events, this book is important because it can help those in the pro-life movement to better understand the traumatic events that can lead a woman to make the tragic decision to abort her unborn child. The better we can understand where women are coming from, the better we can reach out to them, to help them to receive the love and support that they need to have their babies, whether they keep the children, or give them up for adoption.

If the book ended there, it would be enlightening, but incomplete. The story of her life continues, and we also are drawn in to the mystery of the Love and Mercy of God: how God used ordinary people to help Shawna to begin her journey back to the Love of the Heavenly Father, to be washed, once more, in the Blood of the Lamb. Shawna shares her story of post-abortion healing, and her story gives hope to every woman and man who has been wounded by the tragedy of abortion — to know that there is healing and hope in Our Lord Jesus Christ!

I highly recommend this short book to every man and woman of good will, but especially to those hurting from abortion.

Fr.  Ben J. Cameron, C.P.M

Fathers of Mercy 


I know God uses her to touch other people’s lives with his blessings.

Fr. Clair Watrin


Shawna Arnold has been graced by God the Father to share her remarkable story of post-abortion healing. This testimony will bless many readers who struggle interioly with guilt and depression issues. It is a passageway into the healing arms of Father of us all. I highly recommend these words, this testimony to all who are hurting and seek healing comfort and hope as they journey from darkness into healing light.

Fr. Denis Phaneuf


From Darkness Into Light is the very interesting life story of Shawna. As you journey with her across the pages, you can feel the pain that drew her to seek refuge in faith and you can feel the power and love of God that saved her and led her to peace. Once you start reading her story, you will want to continue it until the end. I would like to thank her for sharing her story and I would encourage others to read it. It has been a joy and a blessing to be a small part of her life’s journey.

Bishop Albert Thevenot

Diocese of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada


Shawna Arnold’s From Darkness into Light is a journey you won’t want to miss. We each have a desire burning in our hearts that yearns for love. We yearn for that which is beautiful. Shawna yearned for such things just as much as any one else. Unfortunately, it would take a long road for her to find the love, that Divine Mercy.

It was a great honor to be able to work with Shawna in getting this story into booklet form. It is a quick read, but it certainly isn’t with out depth and insight. From people who have had abortions to pro-lifers on the street or legislative halls, this is the book for them. Shawna opens a window into how broken our hearts can be, but also to how deep God’s mercy is.

Mrs. Tamara Cesare
President, CUL