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Shawna Arnold has given a beautiful and powerful testimony to the Infinite Grace and Mercy of Almighty God.  Her story of emotional neglect and abuse, of drug addiction and abortion, and then of the amazing way in which she found forgiveness and healing from it all, is a story that needs to be heard.  Millions of people have been wounded by abuse and by abortion, and everyone needs to know that these really is healing in Christ Jesus!  In a particular way, Shawna tells of how God impacted her life through people who she met along her journey, and the healing to be found in Rachel’s Vineyard retreats for healing the wounds of abortion.

Fr. Ben Cameron, CPM    Fathers of Mercy 


I recommend Shawna Arnold’s ministry of enlightenment, encouragement and healing for those who suffer from various types of abuse and abortion grief. As God’s servant Shawna connects the wounded of heart with Jesus The Healer and with God The Father’s Unconditional And Merciful Love.  

Fr. Denis Phaneuf


Shawna’s testimony will inspire you, and touched me deeply. It is an inspiring message about the Mercy of God that saved her from all of her wounds and sins and gave her a whole new beautiful life with Jesus. You will be blessed from listening to her conversion story.      

Fr. Clair Watrin 


I’ve asked Shawna Arnold to share her testimony several times at the parish. Whatever the audience, long-time parishioners or those just exploring the faith for the first time, Shawna’s story of grace and conversion has touched people’s hearts and helped them understand more deeply God’s love and healing. I’m grateful for her presence in my parish and for her courage and generosity in sharing what God has done in her life.
Fr. Matthew Ramsay


Shawna’s story is one that speaks powerfully to the hope and redemption that is found in Jesus Christ, and in defence of one of the most vulnerable groups in our society – unborn children. In our current culture, where there is growing disregard for the importance and value of human life. Shawna’s story is a testimony to the worth and dignity of every human being, born or unborn, no matter their circumstances or history.

Andrew Lockert  – Catholic Studies Educator 


Shawna Arnold’s testimony will touch your heart and change your life. Her story is powerful. She touches on abuse, addiction, abortion and how God changes lives with his Mercy and Grace. Most importantly, Shawna encourages everyone to seek help and healing, as no one is beyond hope. God is using Shawna in a very powerful way to share her testimony and bring all God’s children to the Father’s Merciful Love. God bless her for her “YES”. She is an amazing and inspirational speaker.

Patti Burlock  – Regina Pro Life board member 


The Catholic Women’s League of Canada

July 15th 2019

Shawna Arnold was a speaker for our Saskatoon Diocesan executive meeting in September, 2018. She shared her testimony of her journey from abuse and abortion to the grace and healing power of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I have heard her speak numerous times at CWL and Pro Life events. She shares her story with honesty, integrity and humility.

She is a testament to the many women who suffer and regret their abortions. I know through her testament and story she has saved many women from the heart ache that goes along with the choice of abortion and has saved many women from making the choice of having an abortion.

She is very informative on the many resources that are availablefor healing from abortion and the healing that we can receive through the Sacraments of the church and through our Lord Jesus Christ. 

By the sharing of her testimony she will inspire women as well as the youth and the elderly as they listen to her story. I would highly recommend her as a speaker in your church or event.

Ingrid Eggerman

Saskatoon Diocesan CWL President


Moved by Grace…..An open heart and the Power of God’s Spirit is all that is needed to bring forgiveness and healing. This love and light continues to guide many others to freedom and truth. Thank you Shawna for your continous yes to serving the Lord. Helping His children find their way back to the Father’s Merciful Heart. 

Sheri Parker – Regina Pro Life board member 


I would highly recommend Shawna Arnold as a speaker. Her story leads us on a journey through the dysfunctional years of her early life which includes abuse, addiction, and abortion which eventually  leads to meeting her father and friend, Jesus Christ. She is an inspirational speaker and her story will leave you filled with hope and zeal. 

Valerie Hettrick – President Saskatchewan Pro Life 


April 14  2018:

Saskatchewan Pro Life Convention

Prince Albert, Saskatchewan

Plaza 88 , 888 Central Avenue

May 6 2018:

Battleford Right to Life Spring Banquet

St. Joseph Calasanctius Hall

1942 – 98th Street

North Battleford, Saskatchewan

May 25 & 26 2018:

Woman Journey Of Faith: Spring Seminar

Faith Alive Family Church

637 University Drive

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

September 10 2018:

Saskatoon Diocesan Executive Meeting

St. Patrick’s Parish

3339 Centennial Drive

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

September 28 2018:

Bethlehem High School

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

October 12 2018:

ED Feehan High School

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

October 26 2018:

Bishop James Mahoney High School

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

November 9 2018:

St. Joseph High School

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

November 16 2018:

Pro Life fundraiser

Langenburg, Saskatchewan

November 23 2018:

Holy Cross High School

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

January 11 2019:

Humboldt Collegiate

Humboldt, Saskatchewan

January 27, 28 & 29  2019:

EWTN (Eternal Word Television Network)

Alabama, United States

March 1 2019:

Bishop Murray School

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

March 2 2019:

St. Augustine Catholic Church

Humboldt, Saskatchewan

March 15 2019:

Bethlehem High School

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

April 5 2019:

Radio Interview

The Rock 98.5 Fm

Yorkton, Sask

April 5 & 6 2019:


Yorkton, Saskatchewan

April 12 2019:

Ed Feehan High School

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

April 25 2019:

St. Bruno Catholic Church

Bruno, Saskatchewan

May 4 2019:

Redeemer Lutheran Church

Prince Albert, Saskatchewan

May 9 & 10 2019:

March For Life

Regina, Saskatchewan

May 17 2019:

Holy Cross High School

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

May 24 2019:

St. Joseph’s High School

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

May 31 2019:

Bishop James Mahoney High School

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

August 18 2019:

Mass for the unborn

Rama, Saskatchewan

August 21 2019:

Radio Interview

October 4 2019:

Ed Feehan Catholic High School

October 18 2019:

Bethlehem Catholic High School

November 22 2019:

Bishop James Mahoney Catholic High School

November 29 2019:

St. Joseph’s Catholic High School

December 6 2019:

Holy Cross Catholic High School